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NOHSA looks forward to hosting it’s inaugural World Championship event in 2021, complete with clinics, swag and classes designed to promote the open horse show community. We look forward to celebrating your success and your journey at the C Bar C Expo Center in September 2021!



Reserved before September 1: $75.00
Reserved after September 1: $90.00


Arrival dates and times to be announced.

Bedding & Feed

Advanced bedding and feed reservations must be made through C Bar C Expo Center. Reserve stalls by contacting (765) 720-3351 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  


Stalling preference cannot be guaranteed. Priority stalling will be given to sponsors; by level and date sponsorship payment was received. Stalls will be pre-assigned and must be reserved and paid before assignment. Stall reservations will not be considered complete until payment has been received and will be subject to the appropriate fees based on the date payment is received.


All horses are required to have a negative EIA test within the past 12 months and an original Health Certificate within 30 days of the show. Present paperwork at the stall office upon arrival.



Exhibitors must qualify in at least one class in order to enter. However, exhibitors are not limited to only competing in classes in which they qualify. Once the one-class requirement is met, exhibitors may enter classes for which they are not qualified with an additional $15.00 qualification fee. See pricing chart for details (right).

Late Entries

Entry fees paid after September 1 will incur an additional $15.00 increase. See pricing chart for details (right).

Open Classes

The 2020 NOHSA World Championship show will be offering four "Open $250 Added" classes. The entry fee is $30.00 and is not subject to price increases. This class is open to all age groups and is exempt from any qualification requirements.

Post Entries

Post entries must be made a minimum of two classes before the class (not including lead line).  


All classes (not including "Open $250 Added" or lead line classes) require a $30.00 entry fee. Additional charges for late entries or unqualified riders may be applied. See qualification and entry information for details (left).

QualifiedNot Qualified *
Paid by September 1$30.00$45.00
Paid after September 1

* Must be qualified in at least one other class to enter


All exhibitors must hold a current NOHSA membership to participate.

Lead Line

Lead line exhibitors are exempt from entry fees and all exhibitors will receive an award.

Show Bill



Trophies will be awarded to first place in all classes. Does not include lead line or "Open $250 Added" classes.


Prizes & ribbons will be awarded through sixth place for all classes. Does not include lead line or "Open $250 Added" classes.

High Point

High point coolers will be award to high point Small Fry, 13 & Under, 14-18, and 19 & Over divisions. High point scores will be calculated following the conclusion of the last class.

Lead Line

All lead line exhibitors are to receive an award.