How to Qualify

Step One: Become a Member

All participants must hold a current NOHSA membership. Click "join" under the "about" tab to fill out our simple, user friendly online form and apply today!

Step Two: Support Your Local Open Show 

Attend any (YES, ANY!) open horse show not sanctioned by a national association.

Step Three: Show Twice in Any Class

Show in two like-classes with the same horse and rider pair to complete the requirements for qualification.

Step Four: Submit Results Online

Submit your show results to our record database to accumulate points and to build toward your World Championship Show qualification! Deadline is August 31, 2021 to qualify.

Step Five: Enter for the World Championship Show

Submit your entries online by September 1 and join us for the World Championship Show!

Qualifying Rules


All age classes may qualify exhibitors for their appropriate age division
Multiple exhibitors may qualify on one horse, however, each exhibitor must be an NOHSA member registered with the horse they are exhibiting
Exhibitors may qualify on multiple horses, however, the exhibitor must be an NOHSA member registered with each horse they are exhibiting
Each horse and rider pair must qualify separately 
Only results submitted online within the qualifying period of January 1, 2021 through August 31, 2021 will be considered toward qualification
Post entries accepted for horse and rider pairs who have qualified in at least one class 

Qualification Fees

Exhibitors must qualify in at least one class to enter. However, exhibitors are not limited to only competing in classes in which they qualify. Once the one-class requirement is met, exhibitors may enter any classes for which they are not qualified with an additional $15.00 qualification fee. See the show details page to determine entry costs.

For example, Sally Smith submits results from two open horse shows where she showed Bring Me More Hay in the Youth Horsemanship and Youth Showmanship. Sally is qualified to show Bring Me More Hay in both the Youth Horsemanship and Youth Showmanship, but because she qualified in at least one class, she is also eligible to show in any other class within her age group with Bring Me More Hay for an additional $15 qualification fee. 

Non-Qualifying Classes

Open $250 Added classes require no qualification and are open to all age groups. Individuals who do not qualify in any classes still may attend the World Championship show and compete in non-qualifying classes. 

English Pleasure

Open $250 Added W/T English Pleasure
Open $250 Added English Pleasure

Western Pleasure

Open $250 Added W/T Western Pleasure
Open $250 Added Western Pleasure